First Day in Achebe


Monday morning I checked my schedule and found out I had MTH112 a course offered by 100 level students. I had a quick shower, did a quick scan and picked out my favourite shirt, because I needed to look fleek on my first day inside a university lecture hall.

9 am I was on my way to school. 9:17 am I arrived at Achebe lecture hall with high expectations…it really was my first day attending a University lecture.  Having seen a lot of college movies, I expected to see a large hall with an up to down sitting arrangement …


I felt something I hadn’t felt before, I swear down…at the entrance of the hall, I was welcomed by a very funny odour, my skin became really sticky and within minutes I started sweating as hell. Going upstairs, you had to get through a massive crowd at the stairs, it felt like I was one of the Israelites on their long walk to the promised land. Finally, I did get to the “promised land” upstairs, by then my skin had become really sticky and wet, it seemed like I took my bath all over again with steamy sweat.



Upstairs,  I thought I was in Davido’s concert because of the massive crowd I saw, trying to locate a sit felt like a 6-year-old kid trying to lift a 55kg barbell. ”Omo” I no go lie the thing tire me I just give up. I was impressed by the sitting arrangement though, which looks like a performing arts studio, I decided to stand and listen to the lecture through the multiple speakers I saw, e no dey work.


I tried so hard to listen, it was impossible. All around me people were talking, laughing and the clicks and sound of candy crush and subway surfers were driving me nuts. I couldn’t hear a thing despite all my efforts, it seemed lectures weren’t the only the thing going on in Achebe. For one, it appeared to be the perfect hunting ground for guys cause “girls plenty die” I must confess lol.

I got hoodwinked to some other things, looking around evaluating people. Lots of characters around me, first; you meet the people who are dead serious, we tag them ‘hypers’. You have the fashion bunch. And then you meet my favourite kind of people ‘the clowns’… they crack you up and make one forget the horrible feeling of the lecture hall.

Yes, back to my ordeal, a two-hour lecture almost over and I still haven’t learned anything and at this point, my clothes were drenched in sweat and I was then part and parcel of the humid atmosphere. 11:45 the lecturer on leaving the hall asked the course reps to submit the assignments, at that point I knew the real meaning of a stampede, it felt like a genus of wildebeest trying to pass a crocodile-infested river. When I finally got out I was so wet and tired.

But they struggle had just begone.

 shaa…Achebe ain’t all that bad, but I would really love if the school would renovate and refurbish it.


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