Interesting Places to visit while you’re here

Interesting Places to visit while you're in Abia State

When compared to most of her neighbour states, Abia seems small and backwards. Coming from fun-filled places like; Lagos, Owerri, Port-Harcourt, Asaba, Benin you might consider calling Abia boring…but still, I recommend you visit these interesting places while you’re here.

National War Museum, Umuahia

Umuahia played an important role as the military headquarters of the defunct Biafran Republic. “In recognition of this role as the former military headquarters, the country town of Umuahia is given the honour to host the National War Museum. But that particular site was chosen because that was where the bunker housing the famous Voice of Biafra was located. The War Museum is an open-air complex where relics of the 30-month Nigerian civil war are on display.

Although this museum reminds people of the evils of war, however, it holds a deep sense history of Nigerian citizens. It also shows the technological exploits of the Biafran soldiers even in the absence of foreign assistance. All the weapons shown in the museum were made by the Biafran soldiers themselves. A feat that seems impossible now yet was achieved years ago. It only goes to show that there is a lot of potential in Nigeria. For lovers of history like me, this should be a very interesting place to visit while in Abia so take note.

National War Museum, Umuahia

Arochukwu long juju cave complex

I guess this tourist site may be a little scary. Sometimes, I get scared o, please don’t judge me. Already picturing myself shivering if I ever get to visit this site especially with the history it holds. “The Arochukwu Long Juju Cave Complex is in the Arochukwu LGA and is a significant cultural tourist site. The cave contains the shrine of Ibn Ukpabi whose oracle pronounced judgements in disputes among the Aro Igbo people. Those found guilty were believed to be the property of the gods and were sold as slaves or retained to serve the priests and gods.” There are a lot of Oracle/juju related things which our forefathers believed back then especially in relation to this cave. They even used it as a judicial machinery to settle scores.

arochukwu long juju

Azumini Blue River

I seriously can’t believe a river like this exists in Nigeria. It is famous as the only blue and clear river in Nigeria. “The Azumini Blue River is located in Abia state towards its boundary with Akwa Ibom state. The River has become a resort for tourists because of the pleasantness it offers. The attractive features of the River include its crystal clear Blue nature hence it is uniquely called The Blue River. The Azumini people believe that it was because of the peculiar nature of the river that their fore-bearers decided to settle in the present location called Azumini.” I would really love to visit this river someday.Azumini Blue River

National Museum of Colonial History

Another tourist attraction of which I heard about is the National Museum of Colonial history, Aba. I was unable though, to gather enough information about this museum.

There are also quite a number of hotels, restaurants and bars in Abia state, for your relaxation and pleasure whenever you visit. I think the Abia state government needs to do more work regarding the tourism sector in order to make Abia a more attractive state to visit and even spend a vacation.

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